Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wen's Art - September 2008

September has been an exciting month! I've decided to exhibit my artworks at Gift of-Art Gallery in Christchurch. The Grand opening night is on the 3rd Oct 08, so do remember to check it out if you live nearby.

Gift of Art Gallery Grand Opening Event

Friday 3rd Oct 08 -5:30-8:30pm

239B Colombo St



13th Sept 08:SPECIAL OFFERS to Mailing List members!

Now aren't you glad you joined the mailing list? By purchasing directly from me, you can buy the painting at base price (without 'middle man' fee), saving you more money!So if you're reading this and is interested in buying, please email me for purchase offer and shipping details.

Size : 400x400x20mm
Date: May 2008
Medium:Acrylic on stretched canvas. Satin Varnished.Sides painted black. No framing needed. Ready to hang.

Price: SPECIAL OFFER $375.00 (only to Wen's mailing members , selling for $400 on Trademe)

Title: Lush

Size: 915x455x20mm

Date: July 2008

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas.Glazed Charcoal. Slight texture. Varnished.

Price: SPECIAL OFFER $950.00 (only to Wen's mailing members , selling for $1000 in Retail )

Lush - NZ$1000

4th Sept 08: New T-Shirt Design

A bit of rest, a bit of thought, out comes 'Twittering'! Available as T-shirt or wall art. For non-redbubblers, email me for purchase and shipping details if interested.

High-gloss mounted print for $75.00, Greeting Cards for $6.50 FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

Remember, you can now buy high-gloss mounted print for just $75.00 and greeting cards for $6.50 each, Free Shipping Nationwide. Here's a collection of some my ehem...more popular greeting cards so far. Enjoy!

cards collection 1 by littlearty

That's all for now. Take care everyone!